▷ Crusher Roller

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Considering that nowadays the direct sowing reaches a high level of importance, DOLBI SA has been creating for more than 10 years, a Crushing Roller capable of chopping all kinds of undergrowths, perennial grasses, and other types as being chilcas, carquejas, jarillas, shrubs, herbaceous vegetation, chañares, low-height aromos, etc. By using the Crushing Roller, a mechanical control of an important multiplicity of species is achieved, as well as, of non-autochthonous shrubs which attack native species from different zones. TECHNICAL FEATURES: CHASSIS: Frame formed by a tubular structure of high resistance. DRAGGING SYSTEM: (Optional) Hydraulic or with lever jack. WORKING BREADTHS: RG 2250: 2.25m. (1roller) RG 6750: 6.75m. (3 rollers) RG 2250: 65 HP RG 6750: 140/160 HP WORKING SPEED: 10/12 KM/h ROLLERS: 1.20m in diameter; 1.50m and 2.25m in breadths. They are mounted on benches with bearings and equipped with special steel blades that are thermally treated. The chop is achieved due to the pressure made by the cutting blades on the firm soil.