▷ Crusher Roller

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CRUSHER ROLLER (Rolo Triturador Normal)

In a modern working approach in which the direct seed-planting has reached big levels, DOLBI - DOLZANI develops a grinder roller capable of chopping all kinds of stubbles, especially sunflower', cotton' and pastures. This is a very low operative cost equipment, due to the low power required and the high working speed (between 10 and 15 km/h), which give a large quantity of Ha-hour and also a low maintenance cost. With the grinder roller a coverage of dead stubble is achieved in order to avoid the evaporation of the soil and the growth of brush. Moreover, an ideal soil for direct sowing systems with pastures' rotations is obtained. TECHNICAL FEATURES CHASSIS: frame-like chassis composed of high resistance tubular structure; it is mounted on two high flotation wheels. DRAWBAR: Articulated, leveling drawbar with adjustable height hitch. LIFTING SYSTEM: hydraulically powered with 2 4'' cylinders. ROLLERS: 1.00 m diameter; they are mounted on benches with bearings and equipped with 32 thermally treated special steel blades. The chopping action is achieved by the pressure made by the cutting blades on firm soil.