▷ Cotton Round Baler

DOLBI SA folleto RA 1570 N fp 2021.pdf


New RA 1570 cotton round baler, with variable chamber to form heavier cotton rolls, which makes the logistics process more efficient. This innovative equipment processes harvested cotton with different systems (manual / mechanical systems). The large size of its receiving hopper allows the harvested cotton to be discharged inside, avoiding contamination, losses and low quality due to contact with the ground. This new model has a variable compaction chamber, which increases the density of raw cotton by 10 (ten) times with the versatility of choosing between different roll diameters (700 mm to 1800 mm), optimizing the load capacity of trucks. An average roll of cotton weighs 750 kg and is 1200 mm wide x 1500 mm in diameter. Each wrap cycle takes 2-3 minutes. Once the cotton roll is made (and before it exits the compaction chamber), it is wrapped with a colored plastic film with UV protection that provides 6 months of protection against impurities and rain. The film does not contaminate cotton since it does not contain PVC. The Rotoenfardadora cotton has an electronic control unit that makes it a unit without operator. For its use it is necessary to hook the implement to a tractor with a minimum of 70 HP and hydraulic valves with flow + 25 liters / min and pressure + 120 bar and connection of 540 RPM to the PTO.