▷ Crushing Machine for Undergrowths

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(Trituradora Desmalezadora) DOLBI Crushing Machines for undergrowths are equipments recommended for the pruning chopped of citric, grapevine, and forest. It has a high efficiency due to his exclusive System of Rotary Drum equipped with double edge mobile cleavers. The cuts and chops in chilcas, caraguatá, shrubs, ferns, and aromos and chañares of low height are total. The Crushing Machine accelerates the decomposition of the chopped shrubs. The width of labour depends on the models: TD 160 = 1,60m. / Mounted on 3 points TD 190 = 1,90m. / Mounted on 3 points TD 450 = 4,50m. / Of dragging Considering that nowadays the direct sowing reaches a high level of importance, the correct incorporation of the stubbles to the soil becomes indispensable. Consequently, DOLBI offers an efficient Crushing Machine for undergrowths. This implement achieves coverage of dead stubble to avoid the evaporation of the soil and the growth of undergrowths. Besides it could be used in artificial pastures where having a control of undergrowths is essential. Also, in natives’ shrubs where it is necessary to attack bushes and form coverage brush without resorting to the burning of shrubs. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS CHASSIS: Tubular structure resistant to impacts and vibrations LIFT SYSTEM: Driven by hydraulic lift. ROTOR: A set formed by a balanced section to work to high revolutions. It is equipped with double edge mobile cleavers to avoid breaks when irregular efforts are done. BOX: With bevel gears reinforced for high speed and for having force: 1000 RPM Model TD 450 540 RPM Model TD 160 540 RPM Model TD 190