Industrial Plant

DOLBI SA currently has an industrial plant of 13,500 square meters, divided in two areas, where management and production are concentrated. Here all the implements marketed by our company are produced. They are the result of solid research and development policy. DOLBI products are materialized through human resources of high value, as well as cutting-edge technology and robotics.

Historical Review


In the mid-1950s, the booming northern region of Santa Fe, an area typically producing cotton and cereals, encountered an obstacle in the way of technological production, as the few existing seed drills were imported and lacked an adaptation to these lands.
Faced with this reality, Humberto Dolzani, began repairing this type of implements, and shortly after, motivated by a significant increase in work, decided to create implements designed for the real needs of regional producers. In 1962, Humberto and Carlos Dolzani, along with Alberto Bianchi, formed a new firm that was born, DOLZANI and CIA S.R.L., that with the passing of time, was renamed DOLBI S.A.
As a kick-start, in 1962 DOLBI, designed and manufactured a row grower, followed soon after, by the first combined 5-groove drills. Over time, thanks to the support of a thriving region that grew at the pace of the company, DOLBI abandoned its original facilities, moving to its modern 32,000 square meters industrial facility, with a covered area of ​​8,000 square meters, where all the industrial sectors were integrated; commercial offices, sales room, technical department and research and development. Currently, the company offers agricultural producers in Argentina and foreign countries, machinery that stands out for its state-of- the-art technology, its genuine materials and its proven efficiency in tillage.
The different lines of implements DOLBI, are conceived from strict joint developments, between research teams, technicians and avant-garde producers, who bet day after day on a greater technification of the agriculture. Thanks to their high quality standards, DOLBI implements, adapt perfectly to the most severe working conditions, which is why they are recognized by the most demanding producers.
Thanks to a wide operational and productive capacity, DOLBI manufactures special machinery, adapted to the specific needs of each producer. In 2006, DOLBI was chosen from a number of machinery manufacturers, to produce a Cotton Harvester of innovative technology, developed by qualified engineers of INTA.
The production in series of this new implement, has returned to the company its traditional position of vanguard in the cotton industry.
The future of the Cotton Harvester Stripper Javiyú, is more than promising; Latin American countries are already using this new technology produced in DOLBI, while other foreign markets have been interested in incorporating it.

At present, DOLBI produces, seeders of coarse grains, seeders of fine grains, Rollers Crushers, subsoilers Paratill, Field Cultivators, Fertilizers, crushers weeding and Cotton Harvesters.
In Argentina, DOLBI is present in the main productive regions, through a wide network of official dealers that sell implements, spare parts and also provide personalized service to each producer, attending to their needs and allowing them to be highly efficient in their activity. Today the company has transcended the borders of Argentina; Important agricultural markets in South America, such as Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela, currently have DOLBI technology in their fields.
The European and Asian markets are a new challenge for DOLBI, so in 2006 the company signed commercial ties with a major Dutch company, which allowed the marketing of numerous implements in Kazakhstan and Turkey.
During the last years, the company arrived at the African continent, providing to Sudanese cotton producers, all the technologies applied to such cultivation. Initially supplying them with harvesters and finally round baler and lateral load trailers. The future of DOLBI S.A. is undoubtedly to continue advancing, allowing agricultural producers around the world, true technological solutions.

DOLBI, since 1962, creating useful technology!