▷ DOLBI HAC 5000



DOLBI has been developing solutions-based technologies for Argentine cotton producers and the rest of the world for more than half a century. The general lack of new technical solutions for harvest and post-harvest, have motivated our company to develop an implement capable of meeting the world's lacking and growing needs in this matter, through a high-tech implement and at a significantly lower cost, both of acquisition as of operation, with respect to that existing in a highly monopolized market. Today the DOLBI HAC 5000 self-propelled Cotton Harvester is born, destined to furrow its field with the best cost-benefit equation. The HAC 5000 self-propelled stripper harvester consists of a drive unit powered by a 6.8 L / 205 HP turbocharged engine, hydrostatic transmission, differential, running gear and main drives, platform with angled pontoons for cotton stripping and cleaning system with toothed sectors mounted on a rotor in the same head. It culminates in a compacting system that shapes a cylindrical module and protected by a sheet of film. The operating capacity is one of the outstanding points of this machine, managing to harvest and rotary bale approximately 8/12 tons of raw cotton per hour. These benefits were evaluated through tests carried out for more than 4 years. MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE - Harvesting system with pre-cleaning that allows the machine to travel in high-yield lots, at an average speed of 6/10 km / h. - Blowing systems that move the harvested cotton with great efficiency. - Cotton winding system with an average of 3 minutes per cycle, including incorporation of the protective film (450 - 500 Kg) - Excellent walkability in different terrain situations. - Economy in the use of fuel per ton of cotton harvested and wrapped. - Simplicity in cotton logistics. - The rolls can be transported in any general cargo truck.