▷ JAVIYÚ Cotton Stripper

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Simple, Strong and Efficient During the cotton production process, harvesting is clearly a complex operation that, with the passing of the years, has conditioned styles or productive systems, socioeconomic structures, orientation in the variety improvement and even crop viability. In our country, the harvest price impact, with respect to the cotton price, added to the limitations in mechanical, manual and mixed alternatives, require new technical reports that may re-establish cotton production. The JAVIYÚ [Cocoon in Guaraní language] Cotton Stripper gets into the market as a solution for small, middle and big producers. This machine is the result of the development carried out by engineers and technicians from INTA, and the agreement on its manufacturing sealed by DOLBI S.A. - Integral cotton Stripper dragged by a tractor. - It contains an extraction system, “stripper”, with a platform made of slant, static fingers of flexible assembly. - It also has cotton cleaner, integrated to the unit. - The hopper wagon is independent from the cotton Stripper and it is connected to it through a coupling system. Its storage capacity is 1.5 / 2 Tons. - It contains elevation and ejection pneumatic systems. - For its functioning, it requires a normal tractor with a straight takeoff and hydraulic couplings, 50 HP minimum. It is very important that the cotton cultivation in narrow furrows with high plants density per hectare is correctly leaded. Producers, technicians and industrialists must unify knowledge and efforts to achieve a higher production, a good quality and an economically good cotton harvest.